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  • FUNDED ₹ 1037246
  • 17%
  • Backers 456

Help Prachyam make 10 Indic Documentaries in Powerful Visual Style

10 stylish, original, expert-guided films on Indic topics (antiquity, sciences, true history) that can bomb the sh*t out of fake narratives. All executed in a powerful punchy style that cannot go unnoticed.

  • FUNDED ₹ 26000
  • 13%
  • Backers 6

Help Baby Om Get Physiotherapy To Prevent Permanent Paralysis

Om aged just 1 year and 3 months is suffering from laryngomalacia, is unable to sit or crawl and needs urgent physiotherapy to ensure he does not suffer permanent disability.   The troubles began soon after his birth when he was suffering from low plat

  • FUNDED ₹ 15000
  • 7%
  • Backers 8

Support Gurushala Career Academy to educate and empower financially weak students

Gurushaala Career Academy is a start-up educational institute with a firm belief in cementing resilience through knowledge. It is the dream project of two women who want to impart knowledge to aspirants and bring about social change.

  • FUNDED ₹ 35759
  • 6%
  • Backers 54

Help Vidit Feed And Care Our Gentle Four Legged Friends

Help Vidit Feed And Care Our Gentle Four Legged Friends Vidit Sharma, a Noida resident feeds and cares for 3,000 stray dogs and 150 cows every day. He is inspired to help the voiceless animals, thanks to the values instilled by his family

  • FUNDED ₹ 100
  • 0%
  • Backers 1

Need help for IVF testube baby treatment

I'm Deepmala Gandhi from Surat, I lost my only child my 18 years old son due to heart complication and at age 41 I am trying to be a mother again and testube baby is the only way for that, I will be forever grateful for all the help.

  • FUNDED ₹ 80778
  • 12%
  • Backers 63

Save Unnati from blood cancer

Unnati was diagnosed with stage 2 blood cancer in January 2020. Her father hasn't been able to arrange the finances for her treatment. The doctors have suggested 6 cycles of chemotheraphy treatment as a cure. Unnati needs your support to defeat cancer.

  • FUNDED ₹ 92168
  • 18%
  • Backers 45

Pavan needs your help for medical treatment

Pavan, a seven year old boy who can't say even mummy papa, canno walk properly, can't eat properly and barely recognises anyone , needs your help for right diagnosis of his illness & a possible treatment there after. Your support can give him better life

  • FUNDED ₹ 112113
  • 16%
  • Backers 109

Need your helping hands for my dad's life. Help us, save him?

I'm Sudarsana Devi. My dad, Mr. Tarun Nath is in hospital since the last 80days, suffering from Japanese Encephalitis chest infection and pharynx paralysis. He is the only earner in the family. We exhausted all our resources for his life. We need ur help

  • FUNDED ₹ 240553
  • 24%
  • Backers 114

Support Sri Gokula Krishna Goushala

Sri Gokula Goushala, near Tiruvalluvar district has been taking care of cows, bulls and cattle for over many years now. We've been rescuing a lot many cows from butchers as well. We need your support in running the place

  • FUNDED ₹ 1114924
  • 22%
  • Backers 509

Renovation of Sri Lakshmi Varaha Sannidhi owned by Sri Veeraraghavaswamy Devasthanam, Tiruvallur, Tamil Nadu

A fundraiser for renovation of Sri Lakshmi Varaha Sannidhi that was occupied by miscreants which were won after a prolonged legal battle. This deity was found in temple tank (Hrithapanashini) of Sri Veeraraghavaswamy temple before a few centuries.

  • FUNDED ₹ 154096
  • 51%
  • Backers 94

Donate food - Save Lives of Sadhus & Poor in Tiruvannamalai

Kindly support us in feeding 3000 Sadhus & Poor who are homeless staying in the Girivalam Path in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu


  • Backers 111
  • 0%
  • Goal 100000

Ban Tandav Series

Time to put an end to Hindophobic content propagated through OTT platforms and entertainment industry.

  • Backers 27
  • 0%
  • Goal 100000

Petition: BAN TANDAV series #BANTANDAV

Tandav is anti Dalit, Tandav is spreading communal hate, Tandav wants to create a divide between Hindus and Muslims , Tandav is disrespectful to Hindus, Hurting sentiments of Hindus, disrespecting Police officials It should be banned immediately

  • Backers 0
  • 0%
  • Goal 250000

Justice for Monkey hanged to death in Telangana.

Justice for Monkey hanged to death in Telangana. The need for Stronger animal rights

  • Backers 0
  • 0%
  • Goal 34000

Taking Animal Abuse Down

This petition is to take down an account on Instagram known as "Linqsy" and all its backup accounts since they're killing animals on their posts.

  • Backers 0
  • 0%
  • Goal 23000

WITHDRAW VERMIN status allotted to Monkeys in Himachal Pradesh and PREVENT their culling

As humans and as responsible citizens and government, it is our moral obligation to look after animals in our purview and not kill them simply because we have destroyed the forests

  • Backers 0
  • 0%
  • Goal 54000

Banned Husky in India

St. Bernard , Siberian Husky, Alaskan malamutes this breeds are genetically upgraded to survive only in extreme cold temperatures like Siberia, Antarctica,

  • Backers 0
  • 0%
  • Goal 55000

Inquiry into IDA Deonar sterlization programme & improve hygiene conditions for animals.

The standard procedure for dog sterlization is not being followed by IDA. Also, animals are living there in extremely unhygienic conditions.

  • Backers 0
  • 0%
  • Goal 52000

Strict action (NO BAIL) against people who beat a dog, after her delivery, to death

Today, I came across the news of a female dog been beaten to death, right after she delivered four puppies, by Manga Singh and his mother of Khudda Sanaur village of Patiala on 4 July 2020.


  • FUNDED ₹ 3088971
  • 118%
  • Backers 3214

Support family of Rajasthan pujari who was burnt alive

50 yr old Babulal Vaishnav, a temple priest, was burnt to death after he resisted the encroachment of temple land. He was survived by wife, 4 daughters and a son. This fundraiser is to support his family that he has left behind.

  • FUNDED ₹ 1130675
  • 103%
  • Backers 467

Support Family Of Kashmiri Sarpanch Ajay Pandita

Killing of Sarpanch Ajay Pandita was an attempt to induce fear in minds of people who stand for the country. Ajay Pandita is survived by his wife, two daughters and parents. Funds raised would be directly transferred to the family.

  • FUNDED ₹ 166562
  • 111%
  • Backers 146

Help Arjun Singh Support His Family And Khyala Triple Murder Survivors

Arjun Singh needs support for the treatment of his wife and daughter. His wife has to undergo a surgery and his daughter is constantly ill. He also needs support to take care of the two children who were orphaned after the infamous Khyala triple murder.

  • FUNDED ₹ 170066
  • 100%
  • Backers 50

Support Mannargudi Jeeyar Swami Feed the Homeless in Srirrangam for 20 days!

Since the lockdown period has been extended to May 3, His Holiness Chendalankara Jeeyar Swamigal is extending his program of feeding the homeless

  • FUNDED ₹ 155280
  • 104%
  • Backers 86

Feeding homeless people in the time of COVID lockdown

Mannargudi Jeeyar Swamigal is feeding the homeless of Srirangam from the Matham. He requires Rs 1.5 lakhs to provide 2 meals of rice to 200 people twice a day

  • FUNDED ₹ 32163
  • 107%
  • Backers 32

Support Mahashivarathri Annadhanam For Maruntheeswarar Temple

Joins hands to Support Mahashivarathri Annadhanam For Maruntheeswarar Temple which would benefit lakhs of needy people !

  • FUNDED ₹ 263596
  • 105%
  • Backers 241

500 yr Old Ganesha Temple, Under Attack From Extremists, Needs Your Help

Rarest Ganesha temple is under neglect and attacked by extremists who have planted a cemetery right adjacent to the temple. The priest needs your support to sustain worship and pooja here.

  • FUNDED ₹ 406542
  • 102%
  • Backers 288

Help Us Revamp, Rebuild, Restore A 1000 yr Old Vishnu Temple

Support Us to Revamp, Restore the 1000 yr old Vishnu Temple near Chennai.


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