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  • FUNDED ₹ 458134
  • 70%
  • Backers 291

Help Shivacharyar Gurukal Wife Beat COVID

Mrs Girija, wife of Shivacharya Kumar, has been tested COVID positive. Due to her comorbidity, she has been admitted and is critical. Since the temples have been closed, the family is finding it difficult to pay for medical treatment. Pls save her life.

  • FUNDED ₹ 1018575
  • 20%
  • Backers 476

Renovation of Sri Lakshmi Varaha Sannidhi owned by Sri Veeraraghavaswamy Devasthanam, Tiruvallur, Tamil Nadu

A fundraiser for renovation of Sri Lakshmi Varaha Sannidhi that was occupied by miscreants which were won after a prolonged legal battle. This deity was found in temple tank (Hrithapanashini) of Sri Veeraraghavaswamy temple before a few centuries.

  • FUNDED ₹ 600
  • 0%
  • Backers 2

Help SASTRA student Manigandan get kidney transplant

Manigandan is a final year student from Sastra University, who needs an urgent kidney transplant. He comes from a very lower middle class family his father being a waiter, they can't afford his treatment. Pls support him and give him a new lease of life

  • FUNDED ₹ 101019
  • 17%
  • Backers 52

Help Raman get regular kidney dialysis

Raman, 74, needs your support for regular kidney dialysis for the next 3 years. Coming from humble backgrounds, he is finding it difficult to pay for his regular treatment. Pls help.

  • FUNDED ₹ 75831
  • 8%
  • Backers 58

Support Traditional Folk Artists Survive During This Corona Lockdown

We are a total of 30 performing folk artists from Tirunelveli, who have lost our livelihood due to the ongoing corona lockdown. Please support us in this crisis

  • FUNDED ₹ 134042
  • 67%
  • Backers 76

Help Satguru Charity Feed Sadhus And Poor Amid Covid Lockdown In Tiruvannamalai

Kindly support us in feeding 3000 Sadhus & Poor who are homeless staying in the Girivalam Path in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu

  • FUNDED ₹ 370338
  • 74%
  • Backers 258

Help Ankur Kumar Gautam Stand On His Feet Again

Ankur Kumar used to be a lorry driver, his life took a torpid spin when he met with an accident in 2015. He has been bedridden ever since that day. Please support him undergo rigorous physio therapy sessions for 6 months!

  • FUNDED ₹ 147333
  • 4%
  • Backers 104

Support Us Revamp, Restore, Rebuild 1000 yr Old Shiva Temple!

Help us revamp the 1000 yr old Sri Paramjyotishwarar temple which Sage Agasthya had asked King Thanjaivannavan to construct. We are revamping and restoring the old glories of the ancient temple


  • Backers 0
  • 0%
  • Goal 500000

Take new measures to prevent dowry death incidents

It is regrettable that we have abolished Sati Pratha in our country, but are not being able to stop dowry practice for decades. Therefore, both the govt and the citizens should relook into the matter.

  • Backers 1
  • 0%
  • Goal 100000

Petition to CBI: Fast track justice for SSR

It's been over 100 days, since the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput but we still don't know what has happened. This is a petition to fasttrack the probe.

  • Backers 0
  • 0%
  • Goal 250000

I have lost my job

Hello my beloved brother and sister I live in Raipur chhattisgarh due to lockdown I lost my job and all of my saving going to end. Have to pay rent over 3 month and I couldn't full fill my essential needs. Please help me

  • Backers 303
  • 0%
  • Goal 100000

Repeal Places of Worship Act to reclaim our temples

The aim of the Act was to freeze the status of any place of worship as it existed on August 15, 1947. It does not pay attention to history and was made on false secular notions to promote short term peace. Time to repeal it for freeing our temples.

  • Backers 28
  • 6%
  • Goal 500

Sign Petition for securing Justice & Human Rights of Kashmiri Hindus

Support Kashmiri Hindus Human Rights who were subjected to Genocide in 1990 and still live as Refugees in their own country. Justice for Kashmiri Hindus.


  • FUNDED ₹ 3088971
  • 118%
  • Backers 3214

Support family of Rajasthan pujari who was burnt alive

50 yr old Babulal Vaishnav, a temple priest, was burnt to death after he resisted the encroachment of temple land. He was survived by wife, 4 daughters and a son. This fundraiser is to support his family that he has left behind.

  • FUNDED ₹ 166562
  • 111%
  • Backers 146

Help Arjun Singh Support His Family And Khyala Triple Murder Survivors

Arjun Singh needs support for the treatment of his wife and daughter. His wife has to undergo a surgery and his daughter is constantly ill. He also needs support to take care of the two children who were orphaned after the infamous Khyala triple murder.

  • FUNDED ₹ 170066
  • 100%
  • Backers 50

Support Mannargudi Jeeyar Swami Feed the Homeless in Srirrangam for 20 days!

Since the lockdown period has been extended to May 3, His Holiness Chendalankara Jeeyar Swamigal is extending his program of feeding the homeless

  • FUNDED ₹ 155280
  • 104%
  • Backers 86

Feeding homeless people in the time of COVID lockdown

Mannargudi Jeeyar Swamigal is feeding the homeless of Srirangam from the Matham. He requires Rs 1.5 lakhs to provide 2 meals of rice to 200 people twice a day

  • FUNDED ₹ 32163
  • 107%
  • Backers 32

Support Mahashivarathri Annadhanam For Maruntheeswarar Temple

Joins hands to Support Mahashivarathri Annadhanam For Maruntheeswarar Temple which would benefit lakhs of needy people !

  • FUNDED ₹ 263596
  • 105%
  • Backers 241

500 yr Old Ganesha Temple, Under Attack From Extremists, Needs Your Help

Rarest Ganesha temple is under neglect and attacked by extremists who have planted a cemetery right adjacent to the temple. The priest needs your support to sustain worship and pooja here.

  • FUNDED ₹ 406542
  • 102%
  • Backers 288

Help Us Revamp, Rebuild, Restore A 1000 yr Old Vishnu Temple

Support Us to Revamp, Restore the 1000 yr old Vishnu Temple near Chennai.

  • FUNDED ₹ 263951
  • 106%
  • Backers 152

Contribute to save the life of Tushar

Tushar Koul from Durga Nagar, Jammu has met with an unfortunate accident. He was in Comma with multiple head injuries. Contribute and share the campaign to save him.


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