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  • FUNDED ₹ 97118
  • 16%
  • Backers 46

Help Raman get regular kidney dialysis

Raman, 74, needs your support for regular kidney dialysis for the next 3 years. Coming from humble backgrounds, he is finding it difficult to pay for his regular treatment. Pls help.

  • FUNDED ₹ 190671
  • 19%
  • Backers 81

Help Archakas Of Palani Murugan Temple Affected By Covid Lockdown

The priests at the temple are badly affected by COVID lockdown. We plan to give groceries to the families and some amount of cash to enable the families meet basic expenses like rent, electricity and medicines. Please contribute what you can.

  • FUNDED ₹ 380285
  • 38%
  • Backers 152

Help Suman Koul Undergo A Heart Surgery

Suman Koul has a meagre income of Rs 15,000/- per month and is the only breadwinner for family of 4. Also patient has underwent replacement of one of the valves few years back and at that time family has spent almost all his savings. Please help

  • FUNDED ₹ 85839
  • 43%
  • Backers 56

Help Satguru Charity Feed Sadhus And Poor Amid Covid Lockdown In Tiruvannamalai

Kindly support us in feeding 3000 Sadhus & Poor who are homeless staying in the Girivalam Path in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu

  • FUNDED ₹ 17606
  • 18%
  • Backers 21

My Uncle Is In The ICU And Needs Help

My uncle, 50, has been battling depression for 2 years. On 27th May he had blood vomit, fits, and paralysis attack. Because of the timely medical treatment, he didn't get paralyzed. But he is still in the ICU, we need your support to help him get treated

  • FUNDED ₹ 158308
  • 32%
  • Backers 69

Help us Feed Poor of Bhagalpur during COVID Lockdown

The poor and the homeless of Bhagalpur, Bihar are the most affected by the COVID lockdown. Help us feed the underprivileged during this lockdown!

  • FUNDED ₹ 12281
  • 3%
  • Backers 7

Support Teacher Matilda Mary Recover From Breast Cancer

She was working as a teacher but because of her breast cancer she had leave her job. Request each and everyone to support her in her fight to stay alive.

  • FUNDED ₹ 56744
  • 2%
  • Backers 37

Support Us Revamp, Restore, Rebuild 1000 yr Old Shiva Temple!

Help us revamp the 1000 yr old Sri Paramjyotishwarar temple which Sage Agasthya had asked King Thanjaivannavan to construct. We are revamping and restoring the old glories of the ancient temple

  • FUNDED ₹ 524008
  • 87%
  • Backers 237

Support Sivacharyar Shivanandam In Reviving Ancient Agama Traditions

Shivanandam Shivam an Archaka at the Arunachaleshwarar temple is reviving the acient Agama traditions by researching and converting it into books. Please support him in reviving Dharma.


  • FUNDED ₹ 166562
  • 111%
  • Backers 146

Help Arjun Singh Support His Family And Khyala Triple Murder Survivors

Arjun Singh needs support for the treatment of his wife and daughter. His wife has to undergo a surgery and his daughter is constantly ill. He also needs support to take care of the two children who were orphaned after the infamous Khyala triple murder.

  • FUNDED ₹ 170066
  • 100%
  • Backers 50

Support Mannargudi Jeeyar Swami Feed the Homeless in Srirrangam for 20 days!

Since the lockdown period has been extended to May 3, His Holiness Chendalankara Jeeyar Swamigal is extending his program of feeding the homeless

  • FUNDED ₹ 155280
  • 104%
  • Backers 86

Feeding homeless people in the time of COVID lockdown

Mannargudi Jeeyar Swamigal is feeding the homeless of Srirangam from the Matham. He requires Rs 1.5 lakhs to provide 2 meals of rice to 200 people twice a day

  • FUNDED ₹ 32163
  • 107%
  • Backers 32

Support Mahashivarathri Annadhanam For Maruntheeswarar Temple

Joins hands to Support Mahashivarathri Annadhanam For Maruntheeswarar Temple which would benefit lakhs of needy people !

  • FUNDED ₹ 263596
  • 105%
  • Backers 241

500 yr Old Ganesha Temple, Under Attack From Extremists, Needs Your Help

Rarest Ganesha temple is under neglect and attacked by extremists who have planted a cemetery right adjacent to the temple. The priest needs your support to sustain worship and pooja here.

  • FUNDED ₹ 406542
  • 102%
  • Backers 288

Help Us Revamp, Rebuild, Restore A 1000 yr Old Vishnu Temple

Support Us to Revamp, Restore the 1000 yr old Vishnu Temple near Chennai.

  • FUNDED ₹ 263951
  • 106%
  • Backers 152

Contribute to save the life of Tushar

Tushar Koul from Durga Nagar, Jammu has met with an unfortunate accident. He was in Comma with multiple head injuries. Contribute and share the campaign to save him.


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