Support the family of Rinku Sharma

Fund transfer status - III

26 February 2021

Dear supporters,

A test transfer of Rs 1000 was done to confirm father of Rinku Sharma, Ajay Sharma's bank account on 22nd February, 2021. On confirmation of the receipt of transfer, we transferred Rs 30L to the father's account.

Rs 15L was transferred to the father's account by a well wisher.

Status of the fund transfer:

Rs 50L has been transferred to Radha Sharma's account (Mother of Rinku Sharma).

Rs 48.25L has been transferred to Ajay Sharma's account (father of Rinku Sharma).

In total, the family has received Rs 9,825,115 (Rs 98.25L) from this fundraising activity. We thank each and every backer from across the world, who supported the family by contributing, and sharing the campaign.

We also thank CrowdKash team, who were very helpful in quick distribution of funds to the family.

The campaign link will be live and open for contributions for another one week, whatever balance amount left at the end of the campaign would be transferred to the family, and the transfer would be updated on the updates section.

Fund transfer status - II

19 February 2021

Second round of transfer has been done to Rinku's mother's account.

Rs 25L has been transferred to Radha Sharma (mother of Rinku's account) today. Overal Rs 50.01L has been transferred to the bank account of Radha Sharma from CrowdKash fundraiser.

We will keep updating the further developments on the link. Thank you for your support.

Fund transfer status - I

17 February 2021

Firstly, I would like to thank each & everyone who came forward to support the family during their darkest times.  Me & Kapil Mishra, the co-campaigner met the family on Tuesday. 

We had done a test transfer of Rs 1000 to Radha Sharma's account, the mother of Rinku Sharma on Tuesday, and were waiting for the confirmation so that the first transfer of Rs 25L will be initiated.

We got the confirmation of Rs 1000 transfer on Wednesday 17th Feb 2021:

Post the confirmation, we completed the transfer of Rs 25L to Radha Sharma's account:

So far Rs 25.01L has been transferred to the mother's account. The next transfer will be done on 19th February 2021, Friday and we hope to transfer all the balance amount before 26th Feb 2021.

The reason we are transferring the funds  in traches is because, the payment gateway takes almost a week to settle the international funds & we are in constant touch with the bank manager to make FDs for the family. Our goal is to not only transfer the funds, but also ensure that the family is taken care of for the long term.

We will keep sharing the progress on the funds transferred as it happens. Once again, our sincerest gratitude to everyone who supported the campaign.

Co-Campaigner: Kapil Mishra
Beneficiary: Family of Rinku Sharma

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This fundraiser is to support the family of Rinku Sharma, the activist who was mob lynched in Delhi. Rinku Sharma stood up for his Dharma. He leaves behind his family with his parents and brother. Please support!

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