Help My Father Fight Mouth Ulcer Cancer

Treatment Completion

25 December 2021

Namaskaram to all,. My father treatment successfully completed by God grace with all our backers help. After surgery dr told to start Radiation and chemotherapy. But one of our friends to go by siddha medicine which has given good results for them. We asked suggestions to all and plan to start, but unfortunately we didn't have enough funds for siddha treatment. In this situation my father kainkariyam helped us, suddenly one person came and told us about crowdkash campaign and given offical person contacts. Then we spoked to crowdkash persons about my father health with medical reports. They helped us to start campaign procedures and middle they spoked us personally about my father health. They pushed my campaign to their pages and news letters top to see for all. That makes us very comfortable position for us to receive donation. By god grace all our backers came front to donate. Few backers came to our home and saw my father and asked about his health.   Few backers called me and asked about my father situation.. By this month father treatment getting completion we taken scan yesterday and shown to our siddha doctor by all our prayers report came normal.  we prayed  God,  crowdkash and our backers will get