Renovation of Esur (Eswarapuri Kshethram ) sri vasudeva swami temple

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Esur (Eswarapuri kshethram) situated at the bank of River palar which is one among the pramukha kshethram in india. This temple is having the heritage of more than 1700 years. According to the sthalapuram of this temple, extracted from Bhrammanda Purana, once upon a time there was a congregation of many rishis at naimisaranya punyakshethra. The participants included Kousiga, Barathwaja, Goutama, Kanva, Kathyayana, Asitha, Angiras, Jamathagni, Vasishta, Athri, Parasara, Naradha, Paruvatha, Sunaga, Susi, Kashyapa, Karga, Mareesi, Mouna, krishnadwaipayana and others. All of them are scholars in vedas, and all shastras, also they have the power to envision the past, present and future. They shared their experiences about the pilgrimage they took to punyakshetras and punyatheertham. Some of them opined on Naimisaranyam, some on Syamantha panchakam or Kurukshethra, some others on Kasi, Gangatheeram (River Ganges), Badarikasram, Gothavritheeram, Sethu, Kumbakonam,Kaveritheeram, khokarnam as punyakshethra in this world. At that time maharishi Suthar said that, let me explain the legend of Iswarapuri Ksethram, (Esur, Esanur), located exactly on the banks of Ksheeranadhi (Palar) and west to (east sea) Bay of Bengal, which is one among the punya kshethrams that has more blessings and bliss of Lord Vishnu.

After creation of the World, Brahma desired the darshan and worship Lord Narayana to offer his prayers, so brahma performed ‘Aswametha Yaga’ at Sathya vrtha Kshethram (Kanchipuram). At the end of the sacrifice, the brightest and most beautiful Lord Varadaraja, the bestower of boons, appeared along with his consorts and conceded to Brahma’s request. Later, Parameswara (Shiva), like Bhrama desired the appearance of Lord Vasudeva. In order to fulfil his desire parameswara chose this place to sit on penance and austeries. Parameswara penanced for long time and finally on the auspicious day of Palguna month sudhha Chaturdhasi thithi with Punarvasu Nakshathra Lord Vasudeva appeared and bestowed the boons to Parameswara. Later on parameswara consecrated the Vasudeva murthi as per the code and conduct of Pancharatra Agama and performed pooja till Adhi yuga, in Tretha yuga. Indira and many devathas also performed pooja and meditated here in order to get rid of their sins committed; in dwapara yuga rishis like Kousiga, Barathwaja did penance at the beginning of this kali yuga. And they did penance here as they felt high bliss of lord Vishnu in this place. Indradhyumna praised this perumal with 50 shlokas which is called vasudeva stuti available at bhrama purana. 

In the ancient times, the temples not only served as the places of worship, but also as the centres of social, economic, cultural activities and also as education centres and art schools. This has facilitated in preservation and development of various arts. Today, it is pathetic to see such prideful centres have become abandoned in course of time. We should realise the fact that by renovating those temples could at least serve to protect the existing art forms. But due to time and lack of maintenance the temple was totally ruined, only basement and and the main idol is remains now.

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Namaskaram to all An Appeal to Renovate 1700 years old Temple of Sri Vasudeva perumal at Esur village, chengalpet district . The renovation of sri vasudeva perumal is costing around ₹31,00,000.

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