HELP 30 Pakistani Refugee Hindu Women

There are more than 30 Hindu families like saavi, came to Bharat, in 2008, to save their Dharma and to live a new life, in hope that they could breathe happily and build future for themselves.

Leaving behind their tortuous life in Karachi, Pakistan, Saavi and her husband Rajendra arrived in Bharat in 2008 as a young couple with hopes of finding religious freedom and a new life where they could build a future for themselves and their children. Saavi’s elder sister had been kidnapped, forcibly converted, and married off to a Muslim man in Pakistan. By leaving Pakistan and coming to Bharat, Saavi and Rajendra hoped to rebuild their lives in a nation where they would not be treated as second grade citizens.

 Though they had little, they worked hard and started to build a life and a family. However, fate had other plans and before their plans could materialize, Saavi’s husband succumbed to Covid-19 leaving her and their children broke and vulnerable. They had three children Suhani, Ansh and Arjun who are aged 12, 9 and 7 years, respectively.

 Having nothing to fall back on, Saavi decided to go back to Pakistan where her family still lives even though she felt deeply scared for the safety of her eldest daughter.

Krishna Wills Otherwise and so they Change their Plans.

 They stayed in Bharat that nothing in the universe happens without Krishna’s will and so it happened with Saavi. Even as she readied to return to the country that is a veritable hell hole for Hindus, help arrived in the form of a team of selfless volunteers from #HinduEcosystem led by Avinash and supported by Sachin, Anantha, Arvind, Shankar, Nita, Shruti, Kanwal and Hariom. They not only persuaded Saavi to stay back but also reignited her hopes for running her own sewing and stitching business and desire for a safe life and education for her children by sponsoring two high quality sewing machines for her.

Path Ahead 

 Though her spirit is rekindled, the path ahead for Saavi and her children was full of uncertainty. To run the business sustainably, she needs another 6 sewing machines and supplies that will cost around 2.5 lakh rupees. Saavi will also need working capital of INR 30,000 per month for the next year that includes salary payment to workers she will hire and for payment of operating expenses such as electricity bills, packaging, travel etc.

What is Saavi’s business model?

 Saavi plans to hire and train 30 women from her similar situation to sew garments and supply them to sellers. Though not literate, she is very hands on and full of determination. The clothes she has designed showcase her talent. We the volunteers also plan to support her in obtaining orders and marketing of her garments by setting up business pages on various social media channels.

Our appeal

 Like Saavi, we have selected 30 other daughters of almost similar situations to support within our Ecosystem to make them self sustainable.

To support them we all need to come forward and fund their successful venture that is running under SANTOSH SILAI KENDRA at Ahemdabad. The donors will be sent the reports on what and how the girls are doing, living and maintaining their families

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Help Saavi and her team of 30 a young Pakistani Hindu refugee woman living in Ahmedabad, Gujarat who lost her husband recently. Saavi is the mother of three young children and she wants to set up a cloth stitching business to support her family.

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