Relocation of Historical Sri Veeravittala Lakshminarasimha Temple at Hosangadi due to State Highway widening

Dear Devotees,

The village of Hosangadi nestles at the foothills of the Sahyadri mountains amidst verdant forests and sparkling streams. It is situated on the borders of Udupi District.

History of the temple: Shri Veeravittala Lakshminarasimha temple at Hosangadi is more than 4 centuries old. This dates back to the times when Hosangadi was center of trade and commerce during the rule of Bidanur king Shivappa Nayaka. Lord Lakshminarasimha is consecrated here as ‘Pattada murthy’ with Lord Veeravittala as ‘utsava murthy’. The idol of Guru Vedavyasa given by respected Kashi mutt pontiff Shri Shri Sukratheendra theertha Swamiji is also worshipped daily.

Need for reconstruction of the temple: The temple is situated beside the State Highway 52 which is due for widening. Hence it is necessary to shift and rebuild the temple in an appropriate location. After detailed consultations, the village elders have decided to rebuild the temple in the land behind the existing one.

Need to protect the culture & the livelihood: The GSB community of about 75 people resides here around the precincts of Shri Veeravittala Lakshminarasimha temple. The political and socio-economic of the period led to the migration of the GSBs to nearby towns and cities. Though the community was reduced to about 10-12 families, the people retained their cultural roots. They celebrate festivals and religious ceremonies in the temple periodically.

Purpose of Donations: With an outlay of about Rs. 2 crores, about 60% of work has been completed. However, since Hosangadi is a very small village, we are appealing to the Donors, Philanthropists, and the Society, in general, to help us raise funds, so that the project is completed as soon as possible. We are working towards completing the temple in the next 3-4 months max.

We, from the temple renovation committee, humbly request all to contribute wholeheartedly to this noble cause, so that it can be successfully completed.

Thanks & Regards,

Managing committee,

Sri Veeravittala Lakshminarasimha Temple,

Hosangadi - 576 282

Kundapura Taluk, Udupi District, Karnataka