Help the film on Genocide of Hindus of Bengal


The world has neither acknowledged nor the Hindu community has been able to document the vast and painful subject of the persecution of Bengali Hindus, one of the biggest genocides in the history of humankind which is continuing to date. 

Being a filmmaker of Dharmic values and feeling deeply committed to the subject, the feature length documentary film aims to record the narratives of Bangladeshi Hindu refugees and survivors and the story of the disappearance of millions of Hindus from the land of Bengal.  


The history will cover incidents starting from the first partition of Bengal in 1905 to the recent violent attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh.

Historical aspects will precisely include the situation of Bengali Hindus in undivided Bengal before partition in 1947, major incidents of violence  (Noakhali killings, Great Calcutta Killings, state- sponsored violence to suppress language movement in East Pakistan in the 1950s, violence after Hazratbal incident, Operation Searchlight), the life of Hindus in Bangladesh during the rule of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and after his assassination, the military rule and the period of BNP-Awami League government etc.

Unfortunately, these hapless Hindus are persecuted in Bangladesh and after their migration, they continue to face similar discrimination and violence in India. The detailed feature-length documentary film will cover every aspect of this subject.


In October 2021, amid a lot of tension in Bangladesh during Durga Puja violence; when on a rare occasion the Indian media was covered the violent attack on Hindus, it stayed in our conscience to dig deeper into the state of minority Hindus in Bangladesh. In the initial phase after reading on the subject we have realised that not only communal left, but this issue has been ignored by our own people as well due to little work on the subject.

Unlike other well-documented and well- advocated genocidal incidents around the world, genocide of Hindus in Bangladesh has been intentionally kept hidden from the masses in the name of ‘communal harmony’. The horrific stories of their disappearance and mass killings and conversion are yet to be told through the medium of an international standard documentary film.  The Jewish community has not allowed anyone to forget their painful past through films and various documentations on the Jewish Holocaust, but we Hindus are far behind them when it comes to raising voices for our fellow brothers and sisters.  The film will bring forward the stories in an attempt to understand the distort history and the root-cause of this more than century- long ongoing massacre.

Along with spreading awareness about the pain and suffering of these people through this film, we will try to bring global attention on this issue (specially organizations like the United Nations and the International Court of Justice) to advocate for the rights these persecuted Hindus and to get their due justice.

In an effort to document the atrocities on Hindus from East Bengal, and bring pressure on our own people and the international community which will be the first step towards changing the way we Hindus perceive our history, we need your support to show the truth of Bengal.


We will need INR 70 Lac to make this film a reality. Even your smallest contribution will help us inching towards bringing the story of Hindus from Bangladesh.