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East Bengali Refugees are people who left East Bengal following the Partition of Bengal, which was part of the Independence of India and Pakistan in 1947. An overwhelming majority of these refugees and immigrants were Bengali Hindu.

Hello friends,
My Name is Amiya Biswas.Today I am sharing my story with you.I am raising money for my family.

My family is a Hindu family displaced from East Pakistan Bangladesh.Which between 1970 and 1972, India to save its religion and life.

My father's name is Arabindu Kumar Biswas & mother Name Kalyani.My mother Works sewing cloth.Such as blouses,Sarees,Salwar etc..which helps us survive.These are the medium of employment.My mother suffers from various diseases.Out of which many diseases had to be operated.And are healthy now.We have a two-room house to live in.That too rent house.There are no tubewell in the rented house. Not a good toilet.The fare is two thousand rupees a month.One has to bring water by bicycle from tubewell located one kilometre away.I bring everyday.

My father is ill.And do not let them do any work.My father and mother is struggling with a brain disease problem.

My mother does sewing work in this condition.And take care of her child.We do not have our ownhouse to live.Neither do we have land.There is not even good water to drink.Water has to be brought from plastic cans from 2 kilometer away.Knowing that plastic is harmful to health.

I have a younger sister.his name is Keya Biswas.My sister studies in B.SC first year, She wants to be a doctor or police.There are also concerns about his marriage.She also has to study well.

I have a lot of responsibility on my head.I have to help my parents.In this situation,Mother would take all the sorrows on herself,but would not even let a scrape come on her child.

Previous Bangladesh Address:- village , Barai Para , post - Naldi , sub : - Narail.Thana -Lohagada. District : -Jessore . Country : Bangladesh

Present address:- Chhattisgarh .

Permanent address:- Nadia West Bengal.

History:- Another major influx into India came in 1971 during the Bangladesh Liberation War, when Hindu refugees escaped systematic mass killings, rapes, lootings and arson. It is estimated that around 10 million East Bengali refugees entered India during the early months of the war, of whom 1.5 million may have stayed back after Bangladesh became independent.

In 1947,Bengal was partitioned into the Indian state of West Bengal and the Pakistani province of East Bengal.East Bengal was later renamed East Pakistan ,which subsequently broke away from Pakistan to form the independent country of Bangladesh .Most of Sylhet district in Assam also joined East Pakistan and was subsequently considered to be East Bengal.East Bengal was the area of agricultural growth whereas West Bengal was meant for industrial development.Settlement : The majority of East Bengali refugees settled in the city of Kolkata ( Calcutta ) and various other towns and rural areas of West Bengal ,but a significant number also moved to the Barak Valley of Assam and the princely state of Tripura which eventuallyjoined India in 1949.Around 0.5million were also settled in other parts of India,including the East Pakistan Displaced Persons 'Colony ( EPDP ) in Delhi ( subsequently renamed Chittaranjan Park ), Odisha , Madhya Pradesh , Bihar and Chhattisgarh. The estimated 0.5 million Bengalis in Delhi and 0.3 million in Mumbai are also largely East Bengali refugees and their descendants.

I am Amiya Biswas, through this campaign does not aim to hurt any caste religion, any community living in India through this campaign.  My campaign and struggle are personal.  Which come under the purview of the Indian Constitution and law.  I fall under this ambit under the CAA Bill 2019, a citizenship amendment law passed in the Lok Sabha. The CROWDKASH company will not be responsible for any kind of legal dispute.

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Yours faithfully
Campaigners:- Amiya Biswas
Benifits:- Indian Hindu Community (India)

Amiya Biswas
Ranaghat ,Nadia,West Bengal & Janjgir - Chhattisgarh

Beneficiary: Amiya Biswas

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My Name is Amiya Biswas.Today I am sharing my story with you.I am raising money for my family. My family is a Hindu family displaced from East Pakistan Bangladesh.Which between 1970 and 1972, India to save its religion and life.

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