Help Archakas Of Palani Murugan Temple Affected By Covid Lockdown

 Palani Sri Dhandayuthapani Swami temple is probably the most famous Sri Subramanya (Murugan) kshetram in the world. It is located in Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu. In the puranik texts Palani is known as Tiruaavinankudi, which is one of the six abodes of Murugan in Tamilnadu and is situated on a holy hillock Sivagiri.


 The antiquity of the temple dates back  and beyond Chera times. The presiding Deity – Sri Dhandayuthapani - faces the west, which is rather unique. The idol is made of Navabashanam (a rock solid combination of rare herbs and compounds). The Temple is said to be originally established by a Siddha of great Tapas and Yoga. Due to this, the Lord here is known to be bountiful in His blessings. Many devotees across the world are His ardent devotees.

The temple carries out six kaala poojas daily that are performed, following strictly the Agamic principles and age old traditions.  This temple is a fine example of our Temple Tradition and Culture.

 These poojas, per ancient tradition, are performed by the members of the Sivacharyar sect in Palani who have been hereditarily performing the poojas for many, many centuries.

  Sadly, the Government administrators of  this richest temple (in terms of annual income)  do not pay any monthly emoluments to these Archakas. The archakas, who continue the pooja tradition, therefore, are solely dependent on the offerings made by the devotees to them. All of them are in full time service to Sri Dhandayuthapani Swami temple and to its affiliated temples.  There are approximately around 200 families who render the pooja services and allied services. These include  persons rendering support services to the main priests.


 Since public darshan was totally banned  in the temple due to COVID19 situation,  these traditional archakas are finding it extremely difficult, not just to lead their normal daily life but to even survive. It is a bounden duty of each and every Hindu and all temple lovers to do something to look after the welfare of these ancient sect of Archakas, who are icons and symbols of our temple tradition and culture in this difficult time.  The Archakas continue to pray for the benefit of every devotee in general and to adherers of our Dharma in particular. We request each one of you to contribute  to this cause of supporting these 200 families.


We plan to provide a generous measure of groceries to the families and some amount of cash to enable the families meet basic expenses like rent, electricity and medicines. 


  Please contribute what you can. Those who can spare a bit more are requested to do so. After donating please share this link with your friends and relatives. 

                                                                                                                                    Om Saravana Bhava !

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The priests at the temple are badly affected by COVID lockdown. We plan to give groceries to the families and some amount of cash to enable the families meet basic expenses like rent, electricity and medicines. Please contribute what you can.

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