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Feed The Needy of Chennai during Lock Down!

As Lock Down is set for another 20 days, thousands of people on the roads of Chennai go food less every day. Our effort is to provide food to those helpless people across Chennai.

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Help the poor and Uncared section of the society

Help the poor and Uncared section of the society by feeding them, providing them shelter to live. Lets us join our hands together against the Hunger.

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Feed the Needy During This COVID Lockdown!

In troubled times people struggle to get food and it will be a great service to provide annadhanam and help them to survive this hunger. Please support us help them get over this difficult phase!

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Help to poor people in thanjavur district in this covid19 lockdown situation

Hi we're small team help to poor peoples and homeless people in our area at last 10 days during this time we saw lots of people afford with this situation kindly help them this situation

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Support Mannargudi Jeeyar Swami Feed the Homeless in Srirrangam for 20 days!

Since the lockdown period has been extended to May 3, His Holiness Chendalankara Jeeyar Swamigal is extending his program of feeding the homeless

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Amar jyothi ashramam for orphans and old peoples

In the year of 2015 this ashram was started now nearly 65 orphan children's and 36 old peoples are living their wonderful life's

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Help India Poor People To Fight Against CORONAVIRUS COVID-19

We are here to help poor people those who are suffering from food, clothes and madical purpose please help them and make smile on there Face...

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Help Us Feed the Needy And Underprivileged During COVID Lockdown!

Due to the COVID crisis, many downtrodden and needy are stranded on the streets of Vishakapathanam without food. Support me in feeding them.

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Help 1500 Poor Tribal Families Affected by India’s 21-Day Lockdown get Food & Medical Aid

There is urgent need to Supply Food & medical aid to at least 1500 Tribal & Rural Families of Raigad (MH) in light of the Corona Virus Pandemic. Please support!

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Feeding homeless people in the time of COVID lockdown

Mannargudi Jeeyar Swamigal is feeding the homeless of Srirangam from the Matham. He requires Rs 1.5 lakhs to provide 2 meals of rice to 200 people twice a day

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Maha Annadhanam for the needy

We will be donating a mid day meal for the needy all over Chennai in 3 different places covering more than 400 people,

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Support Us In Feeding Religious Sadhu Saints And Needy!

Support us in feeding the poor, Sadhus, Saints who come from different parts of the country to the holy Sangam Allahabad in the month of MAGH. Please contribute and make this viral!

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Support Mahashivarathri Annadhanam For Maruntheeswarar Temple

Joins hands to Support Mahashivarathri Annadhanam For Maruntheeswarar Temple which would benefit lakhs of needy people !