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Help Sankardev Sewa Samiti Support Daily Wagers During COVID Lockdown!

Sankardev Sewa Samiti aims to take care of the daily wagers in Mumbai, Mumbra, Assam by distributing food packets, sanitizers, face masks.

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Help Me Distribute Sanitizers to the Underprivileged to Stop The Spread of Corona!

To stop the spread of Corona virus, we wish to distribute sanitizers to the underprivileged in the parts of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Mumbra and Assam.

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Help The Families Who Are The Victims of Delhi Riots

This fundraiser to help the underprivileged families who have been impacted massively by the Delhi riots.

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Support Neeraj Prajapati Family

Niraj Prajapati, an artist and a person who sculpted Maa Saraswati idols succumbed to his injuries after being attacked in a pro-CAA rally. His family: Wife, 2 kids, Mother,paralysed Father.

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Initiative for girls

Rubi and Jyoti the 2 sisters lost their father in a road accident just after finalising their marriage for may 2020.We have started this campaign to help the needy girls for marriage

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Join Kapil Mishra on his mission to make Delhi a model city! Contribute Now!

Kapil Mishra is preparing for the Assembly polls and contesting from Model Town Constituency, Delhi. Join him on his mission to make Delhi a model city. Contribute now!

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EMPOWER Hindu Families from Pakistan in Adarsh Nagar, New Delhi

This fundraising is for 100 families who all came from Pakistan after facing huge suffering and atrocities and now trying to rebuild their lives.

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Inditoot : A Desi Social Network

Inditoot is a social network for Indians. It's a decentralized social network with over 2.5 million user worldwide.

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#IThinkIndian - A mission to spread the message of Unity

#IThinkIndian - a mission to spread the message of unity amongst the people of India devoid of of caste, creed and political preference.

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Pledge the Postcard Movement

Pledge the number of postcards you wish to send to Jack Dorsey for hurting religious sentiments on his trip to India. We wish to send him 10000 postcards everyday.

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Contribute to save the life of Tushar

Tushar Koul from Durga Nagar, Jammu has met with an unfortunate accident. He was in Comma with multiple head injuries. Contribute and share the campaign to save him.

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IABM Conclave 2018 on Biased Media

Some of the media has been shallow, biased, inaccurate, fake and sometimes damagingly obtrusive. Contribute and Join us for IABM Conclave 2018 on November 17.

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IABM Conclave 2018 on Fake News

Some of the media has been shallow, inaccurate and sometimes damagingly obtrusive. Contribute and Join us for IABM Conclave 2018.

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KP Startups Business Event At Jammu

Last minute Registration link for KPS Jammu Business Conference

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Court fees for Defamation notice

Divya Spandana to be sent Rs 10,000 cr defamation notice for morphed, abusive tweet about PM. Help me raise funds for court fees.

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KP Startups Jammu Conference

KP Startups is an attempt at creating a platform for the KP Startups/SMEs to come together & increase intra-community trades. Register & Join us in Jammu Conference on 7th Oct 2018