Suicide prevention awareness for depressed people through short movies

Hello everyone, I hope everyone doing well and safe from covid 19. I would like to introduce myself, I am Vinay from Mysore South part of India. I work as freelancer and train teachers on how to teach children's by practical experiments rather than theory. I work as hands on activity trainer for both students and teachers. I work for an organisation called scienceutsav based in Bangalore.

I would like to take this training and method of teaching to students and other people into next step by showing short videos. Every parents wants thier children to be successful rather than happiest person and they keep on presurisng to childrens. Only few students can handle the pressure of family and environment  and get suceed but rest of them undergo depression and commits suicide because they can't prove themselves to society.

Basically I am teacher and trainer I was teaching only subjects now I would like to direct students into purpose of life and how to handle pressure and how to accept failure and how to overcome depression. I have written few scripts and stories to show them but the problem is I cannot visit each and everyschool daily and request permission from schools to help because most of the schools don't support and give thier time to educate.

The only effective way to reach students and depresed people is through social media , short movies and televison. I went and approached few movie makers and production companies to sponser but I never got positive results because my stories is not commercial and most of them is money minded and thinks in commercial ways.

I am raising fund in crowdkash for the cause and prevention of suicide and how to overcome depression because I want to make n number of short films with respect to awareness.

People who are reading this may be parents, friends, brother, sister, teacher or any relation with one person who has killed by themselves on that time you might be unable to help them or save them due to awareness or could not find the sign and symptoms of depressed person I hope. I would like to mention few information which may help you. Evey year across the globe one person commit suicide every 40 seconds. Means imagine in evey 5 minutes 5 people are killing themselves. In 1 hours 72 people and you convert into 24 hours approximately 1500 students.

My question is can't we prevent this by awareness? Yes we can atleast 10℅ also we save it multiple by coming years. I always think in positive and nothing is impossible till we try.

People who are reading this might have lost some of your loved one. You can save some one who really need your helping hands by love, care and affection and proper guidance and direction so I am requesting who are into this fund rising please donate atleast 1 dollar so that you can help to save some 100 people lives. In globe 5.5 million people exist atleast 0.0001 person raise your hands it may bring some changes in society and you feel happy and satisfied with proud.

I checked few movie makers and the ask for budjet to make movies or short movies later they are asking producer and I should depend on them all the time so I thought why can't I myself purchase equipment which can do myself by building a team with crowdkash people rather than depending on some one all the time who really not showing proper response.

I am splitting the price publically so that it will be transperent.

Short movie making course for 3 months cost 400 usd

Camera and accessories cost arround 500 usd

Actors pay may cost arround 300 dollars for a month

To publish and submit the. Movie it may cost 25 to 50 usd for each and every part of world where I can submit the short films it cost arround 500 usd.

Other expenditure may be 300 usd.

I would have mentioned script and story here itself but few people may palgarise and may use for commercial hence I am not mentioning here hope you understand.

Thanks for reading the cause and I would appreciate anyhelp from globe.

September 10 th is suicide prevention day and I would like to release the short film on the same day with he help of World Health Organization.

If this thing works very well I will be doing more short movies based on nature and purpose of living and how to be human with humanity. Why we should be kind to one another.

I have mentioned 2 links below please read so that you get to know what changes you can bring in someone life. How to light candle (positive) in others life than forest fire(negative).

Live you all take care of your family.

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Hi, I am Vinay from Mysore south part of India, I am working as freelancer by teaching hands on activity experiments. I would like to stop or atleast reduce suicide happening across the world due to depression and unhappiness through short movies.

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