Shraddha’s health is very critical and she needs transplants urgently.

I am Shraddha and I have been diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary artery hypertension. My heart and lungs are not functioning properly and so I am on oxygen support. Doctors have said that I need lung and heart transplants in order to survive but my family just can’t afford it.
We have always led a difficult life but my mother has been a strong pillar of support for me. In 2006 my father passed away due to cancer and since then my mother took up all the responsibilities and ensured that me and my brother complete our education.
Our mother has been a great source of inspiration for us. Even during the dark times after having lost our father, my mother didn’t lose hope. She was determined to give us a better life.
“You have to work hard, you have to achieve better things, you both have to make your father proud,” she always encouraged us.
So I went and completed my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and got a job in the IT sector. My brother started something of his own. Our problems did not vanish but we all were there for each other and that’s what made us strong through our bad phase.

But in 2015, I fell ill. I was having trouble breathing and had a high fever which refused to subside. After consulting multiple doctors we decided to visit the city speciality hospital where they detected a problem with my lungs.
My treatment began but even though time went by but, my health did not improve.
However, in the year 2020, my health deteriorated severely. After conducting a few tests, the doctors said that the disease has affected my heart and it is functioning only with 30% capacity. I was shocked. I tried to remain strong but I was very scared.

That day my mother too cried with me.
Ever since my mother is struggling to gather the money required to pay for the transplant. But the amount needed is a whopping Rs 42 lakh ($ 57154.52), which is impossible for her to collect.
I have already lost my job and ever since the lockdown, we do not have any source of income.

But my mother does not accept the reality of the situation and is still trying her best to gather funds so that she can pay for my treatment. It breaks my heart to see her struggle to fund my treatment.
My mother lost her husband to cancer and now she is on the verge of losing me. It shatters her. The thought of going through the pain of losing someone is the worst.”

Shraddha’s health is very critical and she needs transplants urgently. Her mother, Meera has still not given up even though she cannot afford to pay for the treatment.

Ravi Kumar

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